Elevit® Pronatal Formula

Elevit® Pronatal Formula contains “USA Patented Metafolin®” folic acid, as well as a wide range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, designed to provide sufficient nutrients for women planning to become pregnant and women up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

One tablet per day | Made in France | Available at major chain stores and specific pharmacy stores | Store below 25˚C

The moment when you and your partner decide to have more members in the family marks the beginning of an exciting and unforgettable journey of pregnancy, and both of you need to be fully prepared for this journey.

For women planning to become pregnant:

You probably need a good period of time to let your body absorb a sufficient level of nutrients to meet the needs for yourself and your baby. Although you may want to absorb nutrients solely through your regular diet, in reality, it will be hard to obtain sufficient intake of the quantity of nutrients required. As such, it is recommended that you take Elevit® Pronatal Formula on a daily basis to help make sure the baby can have a sufficient intake of nutrients in the first few weeks.1

For women up to 12 weeks of pregnancy:

During your pregnancy, the recommended intake for certain nutrients may increase by 150%2. Although you may want to absorb nutrients solely through your regular diet, in reality, it will be hard to obtain a sufficient intake of the quantity of nutrients required.

Take Elevit® Pronatal Formula, and the recommended intake of folic acid will help healthy development of you and your baby, and prepare you both for a great start.

“USA Patented Metafolin®” folic acid:

Research studies have shown that due to their genetic properties3 some Asian women may not be able to convert folic acid from food into the folic acid that the human body can make use of.4 This is why Elevit formulated “USA Patented Metafolin®” folic acid to add to regular folic acid so that it can be readily absorbed by the human body, thus effectively meeting the additional nutritional needs of expectant mothers.5

Elevit® Pronatal Formula contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Each tablet contains

Product Ingredient Content per tablet
 Vitamin A 770μg RE
 Vitamin B1 1.4mg
 Vitamin B2 1.4mg
 Vitamin B3 18mg
 Vitamin B5 6mg
 Vitamin B6 1.9mg
 Vitamin B12 2.6μg
 Vitamin C 85mg
 Vitamin D 5μg
 Vitamin E 10mg α-TE
 Biotin 30μg
 Calcium 125mg
 Copper 1mg
 Folic acid

 - As Pteroylmonoglutamic acid

 - As Metafolin®


 Iodine 150μg
 Iron 14mg
 Magnesium 100mg
 Manganese 2mg
 Selenium 60μg
 Zinc 11mg

Directions for use:

One tablet per day. No other additional Elevit® product is necessary.

Special Precautions6:

  • A comprehensive and balanced diet and lifestyle are very important for you. This product is not a replacement for such a diet.


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  • *Elevit is the #1 global Prenatal Multivitamin brand in value terms. Source: Internal calculations by Bayer based on IMS data via IQVIA: MIDAS MAT Q4/2017 and IQVIA OTCims MAT Q4/2017 - UNITS, EUR/PUB, LEU/PUB