New Mum Checklist

Here’s a simple checklist to help guide you through the first months of parenthood. You can download it or print it out so it’s easier to use.


  • Register the birth

  • Take a multivitamin and mineral supplement

    • If you’re breastfeeding, you may need help to ensure you’re getting enough of the important nutrients for both you and your baby. Try a multivitamin and mineral supplement designed for women who are breastfeeding, such as Elevit®Pronatal.

  • Send out birth announcements

    • Welcome your new arrival with cards or emails to friends and relatives!

  • Arrange your postnatal health check

    • Book a health check-up with your doctor about 6 weeks after the birth to make sure everything’s going back to normal. It’s a good time to chat about your feelings and any problems you’re having.

  • Arrange your baby's checkups and vaccinations

    • Before discharge from hospital, your newborn baby should have been examined by a doctor to make sure he/she is in a good health condition. Later, you also have to bring your baby to Maternal & Child Health Centre for routine check-ups and vaccinations. More details can be found at:

  • Check childcare options

    • Confirm your childcare arrangements if you’re heading back to work.

  • Start postnatal exercises

    • Your pelvic floor and tummy muscles will need toning up after birth. Why not join other new mums in a postnatal exercise class at your hospital or local gym.

  • Consider contraception

    • If you’re not planning another pregnancy, consider contraception. Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding is not an adequate contraceptive. Check the methods that won’t affect your breast milk with your doctor.

  • Look after your own emotional health

    • It’s quite normal to feel a bit down in the first weeks following birth as you juggle the demands of a new baby. These feelings usually ease of their own accord, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed or sad more than 2 weeks after baby has arrived, speak to your midwife or doctor.