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If you want to report a side effect or quality complaint, please contact your health care professional (e.g. treating physician or pharmacist), your local health authority, or go to the “Contact” menu item at the Bayer website of your country. Please consult your health care professional if you have any questions related to the use of the products mentioned in this website.

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Privacy statement: When you are using our Hotline, understand and authorize Bayer HealthCare Limited 拜耳醫療保健有限公司 may need to collect your personal and medical data. The said collected data would only be used for medicinal product enquiry, follow-up, internal data analysis, education dissemination and adverse events reporting.

Bayer HealthCare Limited 拜耳醫療保健有限公司 assures all information collected will be kept strictly confidential according to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Chapter, 486). All the information will only be used and accessed by authorized personnel of Bayer HealthCare Limited 拜耳醫療保健有限公司.